How Cyber Security Training Benefits Businesses



A common misconception is that cyber security is the sole responsibility of the company’s IT staff. Cyber security, similar to personal security, must be given considerable thought and effort. Unfortunately, many business owners and employees forget to pay attention to data and cyber security. Here are the ways proper cyber security training benefits both the employees and the company.

Proper staff training

When we were growing up, we were constantly reminded by our parents to not talk to strangers and to be careful in crossing streets. We were raised to be aware of our security and personal space, and this became common sense to us. The same principles can be applied to cyber security – never open attachments sent by unknown sources, do not visit suspicious websites and never share your password with other people. Businesses should invest in cyber security training which involves teaching all employees about cyber security methods and concepts. Employees must be oriented from the hire date and followed up by quarterly, bi-annual and annual reviews.

Caring about sensitive business data

When employees are properly oriented on cyber security, they understand how important it is to care about sensitive company information. Unfortunately, many employees are not even aware what business data and information are critical and sensitive. It will be difficult to protect something when you do not know what needs to be kept safe and secure. Information security manager training helps all staff understand how to deal with cyber security threats. It allows everyone to take responsibility in keeping core business data protected at all times.

Limited access to data

It is not recommended for any staff to have access to all company information. Companies should only give access to sensitive and critical business data to key personnel. Key staff will also be responsible in tracking data access which helps prevent data breaches. This is extremely helpful in investigating a system breach or data loss.

Understanding and knowledge of cyber threats

Many employees do not understand the common terms that relates to cyber threats such as worm, phishing, trojan horse, spoof, hijack attack and pharming. All employees need to understand what these terms mean, and what they need to do when a cyber security threat occurs.

Cyber security training is a worthy investment

Most of the time, businesses fail to invest in cissp training which is the first line of defense in protecting data which is important in achieving success. Cyber security training is a worthy investment and should be included in the company’s budget.


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